GIVE-AWAY!!! White Bunny Slippers!

Be among the first to own a pair of these whimsically romantic, flirty, sexy, white high heel bunny slippers! These will not be available for purchase until sometime in mid 2011.

The rabbit on the moon is known to stir up the elixir of life and make things unpredictable and fun… what a way to start off the New Year! I’ll be wearing the originals as the clock strikes midnight and sending out wishes of adventure for all who dare to have their luck at their heels!


Here’s How To Enter:

1.  Leave a comment here on Streetzie’s Blog.

2.  Leave a comment on our face book wall.!/pages/Streetzies-High-Heel-Bunny-Slippers/113525548658985

3.  Send Streetzie Desire a tweet.

The give-away will close on December 29, 2010. The winner will be randomly selected. I’ll announce the name of the winner on our face book page January 1, 2011!!!

*You must be 18 years or older to enter. *This give-away is open to all countries!

*A special note for the eleven lovely people who responded to my earlier blog post “Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit” … it is because of your enthusiasm we decided to have this give-away! Each of you will have two chances to win! Follow the instructions, 1-3 (above) on how to enter.



Sparkling lights & bunny slippers

A picture’s worth a thousand words! I think this one says a lot!

Some party this must have been! Oh to have been a fly on the wall or in this case a shoe dangling from the chandelier! A big thanks to Paris Atelier for sharing this smashing picture with us!

If any of you have pictures you would like to share please send them here:

I absolutely love this time of the year, all of the sparkling lights, festive holiday parties and most important …fun times with loved ones.

It’s not too late to get your bunny slippers before the holidays…

or check out these two amazing shops…

RAGIN’ DAISY                                                                                                                                                                                                              901 Chartres St.
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 544-5482

This is one of my personal favorites! You can find an assortment of unique gifts, glittery jewelry and vintage clothing! Not to mention that the ladies who own this store really rock…

Just take a look at this boutique!!! It will be love at first sight, I promise!

Fifi Mahony’s                                                                                                                                                                                                                 934 Royal St.        New Orleans, LA 70116                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Amazing things for any glamour girl.

I have things from both places on my wish list…lol…and I think I’ve been pretty good all year!

I’m sure most of you have been too, right?

We’ve decided to have the contest for the custom made white bunny slippers next week!!!

Stay tuned for details on how to enter to win!

Sweet dreams,


Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit

Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit!

The start of a new month and the end of the old year…

I’m ready for the luck this little saying will bring me. There are some exciting possibilities out there this month.

I’ll have to keep them secret for now but for all of you out there who believe in the power of suggestion…please wish me luck!

Although we are saving the unveiling of our new designs for the Magic Fashion Convention in Las Vegas, I decided a little extra luck might be needed… so I’ve been traipsing around my Zen garden in these…

And suddenly, one of my favorite quotes came to mind…

“To be carried by shoes, winged by them. To wear dreams on one’s feet is to begin to give reality to one’s dreams.”  ~ Rodger Vivier

Many of you have been asking if we are going to make white bunny slippers.

We’ve actually had these made since the beginning…

I’ve been saving them for the right moment.

I’m tossing around the idea of having another shoe give-away. If enough of you are excited by this idea, I’ll start the contest next week. The white shoes will not be available for purchase until mid 2011 but I might be able to pull a few strings with the inventor and have a special pair custom made for one lucky participant as a gift for the new year.

Do any of you out there need a little extra luck?



Please be sure to leave your comments below this post. I am sensitive about the timing for this special give- away as I originally intended it for mid 2011, year of the rabbit. Should we start next week or wait until mid 2011?

~Giving Thanks~

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most loving, creative people on this planet!

 I’m so thankful to my friends who never cease to inspire me and fill my life with so much joy and laughter. Thank you for talking to me for hours  at times when I feel defeated and dancing all night with me when it’s time to celebrate. As far as friends go, I couldn’t image having better companions!

I am thankful for my small but lovely family (especially my mom), who encourage me and are always there to love me on the best of days and also on days when things aren’t going my way!

I’m thankful for my loving pets who teach me the true meaning of loyalty every day.

And last but not least… I’m thankful for all of those reading this tonight. Whether you realize it or not you are all a part of my dream that I see coming true with each passing day!



Oh…and is it alright for me to be thankful for red lipstick? I really do love it so! LOL…

Good luck charms…

It’s been a crazy first few days! I’m so excited about all of the feedback we’ve been getting! I can’t wait to see how others choose to style and wear their bunny slippers.

 Behind the scenes my mom and I have been working like busy bees to get orders out and wrap up discussions about what colors we want to add to our line. We’re thinking purple and maybe a dark pink. We will definitely add white to the mix for luck.

Speaking of luck…

I’ve always been the type to wish on shooting stars and carry good luck charms. For the longest time my favorite charm was a locket with lyrics to one of my favorite songs written on the front. I would go through phases when I’d wear it for months without taking it off. I had forgotten about it for quite some time. I went to get it from my jewelry box this morning and realized that I had given it to a friend as a gift. I wonder if he knows how lucky that charm is…

Do any of you out there have tokens of luck? Is there a symbol that you believe is synonymous with luck for you?

Oddly enough I’ve always considered rabbits a huge symbol of luck for me! I’m surrounded by them at the moment…lol…and feeling like the luckiest girl on the planet.



Here’s to the beginning of a new adventure…

Hello Everyone,

So this is my very first blog post! I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with all of you! It has been my dream for some years now to get my shoe line on the market. Here I’ll be discussing things product related as well as sharing photos, events and stories from my personal life!

You can respond to my blog posts and let me know your ideas, dreams and of course feedback on the shoes!

Hugs, Kisses and Luck,