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GIVE-AWAY!!! White Bunny Slippers!

Be among the first to own a pair of these whimsically romantic, flirty, sexy, white high heel bunny slippers!

Sparkling lights & bunny slippers

A picture’s worth a thousand words!

Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit

Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit!

The start of a new month and the end of the old year…

~Giving Thanks~

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most loving, creative people on this planet!

Good luck charms…

I’ve always been the type to wish on shooting stars and carry good luck charms. For the longest time my favorite charm was a locket with lyrics to one of my favorite songs written on the front. I would go through phases when I’d wear it for months without taking it off.

Here’s to the beginning of a new adventure…

So this is my very first blog post!