One of a Kind Statement Pieces


We spend the early years of our youth desperately trying to fit in and the primary years of our adulthood trying to stand out. In either case, our fashion choices help us make a personal statement about who we are.

We’ve never been more free to express our individuality. There’s never been a more liberal time or such diversity in fashion . With all this diversity and freedom, somewhere along the way we discover that there’s one thing  for certain… fashion is all about personality in this era.

I love seeing all the photos on the net and the various outfits women are choosing to wear with their high heel bunny slippers! I am always amazed by how a simple, yet new idea can manifest so many different, creative looks!

Recently, I surprised Dita Von Teese with a one of a kind gift pair of Silver Wolf Cub Slippers. She said,  “They put a smile on my face this morning.” I was so tickled to hear that. When Dita posted a twitpic, a ton of email inquiries shortly followed.

I started thinking of how fun it would be to make some of our one of a kind slippers available to all of you. If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for special statement pieces that are rare or better yet, original … the first of their kind!

I can’t wait to see who gets these special slippers and delightfully curious to see how they will be styled and made into your statement pieces!

The one pair that I just could not part with, the little Black Alley Cats will remain in my collection. I wore them at Magic and they were quite a hit! I’ve already planned just what I want to wear next with them.

I love when spring finally arrives. I’ve been pulling all of my little airy sundresses from their boxes! Playing dress up is a ritual that sustains the rhythm of renewing the youthful awe of life and self expression!

If you see a girl in a violet sundress with delicate black trimming, looking ever so comfortable to fit in , sipping a Mimosa on a warm laissez faire spring evening …. and you recognize a stand out pair of mysteriously flirty kittens on her feet… please introduce yourself to me!


Here are the amazing model pairs that were exhibited at The Magic Fashion Convention in Las Vegas earlier this year. The level of craftsmanship and detail that went into the making of these will not be duplicated when manufactured later this year. A simpler variation will be mass produced instead … but won’t be available for some time.

Cheers  xoxo,



To those of you who add these special slippers to your playwear, I’d love to hear your comments. I hope that you’ll share the fun with a photo like a true cosmopolitan girl!


Streetzie’s High Heel Bunny Slippers are  internationally patented as well as the complimentary line of plush animal caricature slippers.

Streetzie’s High Heel Bunny Slippers, L.L.C. is open to investors and licensing.

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