Mardi Gras Celebration Sale!

Mardi Gras Celebration Sale!

As I sit here in my New Orleans office finishing up web work for the day, I’m drawn to the sound of Mardi Gras revelry on the streets. Our office is located four short city blocks from St. Charles Ave., the main artery of all the parades and festivity. The marching bands begin to really jazz it up when they get to this area because they are on the short run approaching the judges’ stand! The bands excite the crowds and the sound of thousands of parade goers roaring, clapping, laughing, dancing, singing, making merriment and mischief, becomes a part of the music! The sound is intoxicating!

The weather has been mostly spring-like and a pleasant addition to the whole sensual experience. Mardi Gras 2011 has been mystically decadent and divine so far!

Tomorrow is Lundi Gras and Tuesday is Mardi Gras Day! We are in the height of celebration. I can hardly wait to wrap up business for the day. I’m just dying to get dressed up and get out on streets!!! My costume closet is bursting with all the new pieces I’ve been collecting this year. It’s play time!!!

I feel so lucky and full of anticipation of the fun ahead of me for the next two days!  So…I’m going to follow a whim and hopefully spread some joy to you!

Mardi Gras is all about  indulging the senses during a brief  modicum of cultural madness.   For those of you who would like to treat yourself to some well deserved self indulgence we’ll be having a two day sale in the spirit of Mardi Gras!

The sale begins March 7th (Lundi Gras) and ends at midnight March 8th (Mardi Gras).

Take advantage of it ladies and indulge yourself!!!

Got to go slip into a very little decadent costume calling my name and celebrate the magic !



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