~ Visual Inspiration ~

Although it took me much longer than I hoped to get ready last night for the Krewe of Muses parade, I finally decided on a vintage ball gown and long flowing lilac colored wig. As usual, I was fashionably late and arrived just as the second float was passing through the crowded Avenue.

I was feeling a bit under the weather but couldn’t miss this particular parade! Since the muses were known to inspire artistry and creativity, I figured attending and being in the presence of the muses would be something of visual inspiration.

The weather outside was perfect as if the muses were charming Zeus and creating the perfect atmosphere for the celebration that night. I’m so glad I got to be there…

I caught a few special trinkets that I’m now considering lucky charms for the year 2011.

One of which was a bracelet full of tiny shoes…

I love living in a city which is so artistically inspiring…but from time to time inspiration comes from afar!

Last week a lovely model from Germany sent me a few photos from a shoot she recently finished. I was speechless when I saw the lovely way she featured Streetzie’s High Heel Bunny Slippers.

I’m very excited to share some visual inspiration with all of you…

Lili Marleen is without a doubt hearing the call of the muses and channeling Erato…

” Ohh, how much I love these shoes…” ~Lili Marleen

A special thanks to the following three ladies who collaborated on  these lovely images :

Photo: Mascha Zhuk of FotoArt Nouveau

MUAH: Melanie Dietzsch of Passion MakeUpArt

Model: Lili Marleen

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Lovingly inspired,


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